“I have noticed in the past months that Worksafe BC is on a tear,” says Mel Rodgers, owner of Alpine First Aid. “They appear to be going after construction companies, looking to see that they have their first aid courses, someone with a proper ticket on site, and their kits.”

According to Rodgers, WorkSafe just shows up and says, “Show me who is your medic and show us your first aid kit.” If you can’t produce it, you could be shut down.

Rodgers knows of a few companies caught and fined and has had two other companies call and say something along the lines of, “We need a course within three days or we’re going to get nailed.” His advice is to get someone trained so they have their tickets.

The fact is, aside from any serious injury doom and gloom, having someone trained can actually save you a whack of money. Having to send someone out by ambulance is a minimum $500. Clinic or emergency costs can run $1200. That all gets billed back to the company and goes against your Worksafe fees.

If you have someone ticketed on site to properly manage the situation, however, in many cases you can deal with the injury on the work site and not incur the costs.

“Having a first aider according to regulations can save you money and help avoid you getting fined or shut down,” says Rodgers.

Alpine First Aid does offer custom courses for companies, according to their specs. “We are happy to come to their work site or arrange for their training,” says Mel. “And by doing it for the company specifically, and/or in conjunction with others, we can keep the price way down per person as it’s a contract. This means I don’t have to advertise, or worry about space or collecting money and my costs are lower dealing with one company vs. many. I’ve also had situations where multiple companies band together and put 3-4 guys each in the class and then we can give them a heck of a deal.”

Common targets are roofing companies, caught for not tying off. And renovation companies doing asbestos work without the proper permits in place. “Those are by far the big ones and the roofing companies just get absolutely hammered,” says Rodgers. “I mean, it’s not unusual to see a $100,000 fine for obvious and repeated violations. I hate to see people fined for the sake of a $75 First Aid course.”

Contact Mel Rodgers at Alpine First Aid at 250.331.1990.

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