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You’re a Boss Babe Who Rocks at Biz! #HighFive

Now You’re Ready to Take On Your Next Big Project — Dating!

If you don’t want to wind up with a “man project” — aka a fixer-upper — then it makes strategic sense that whether you want a soulmate or a high quality “play mate,” you need to meet enough potential prospects to discover, discern and ditch the ones with “potential.”

Hint: Never go for “potential.” When choosing a Mr./Mrs. Right, “as is where is” is your best emotional investment!

But how you gonna do that, girl, when all you do is work work work? Simple!

10 Steps to Super Size Your Work Time so You Can Play!

  1. Set boundaries. • With Clients. The best way to reduce redundant contact is to come out of the gate with The Expectation Plan. Letting clients know up front what to expect and how we work not only wins professional accolades, it reduces a cache of unnecessary communication.• With Family/Friends. Women in business need to know it’s okay to separate career and child/ friend care. We can be available for emergencies while acting like the CEO of our own personal corporation.• With Ourselves. Women love to do it all. To avoid burning out or even fading away, we need to cut ties with endeavours that drag us down. Sometimes this means cutting crappy clients. It’s okay to do this!
  2. Set a schedule. Make a plan and stick to it. Set out the appropriate hours/days /weeks we need to work to make our business work for us. It’s easy to get off track with “I’m the boss of me” thinking, but we get further ahead with “What would I expect of the CEO of this company?” commitment.
  3. Time block. Time blocking builds efficiency and takes us one step beyond the schedule. While there will be interruptions, we must ask ourselves: “What’s the most valuable use of my time right now?” or we can time block and simply follow our self-structured path to time off and success. AJ Just The Tip: Studies show that uninterrupted time blocking can save up to 30% of otherwise wasted hours; hours than can be invested getting a life and even… dating!
  4. Time out! Take your pick: Holidays! Or… Holy, I’m dazed. Enough said. Put it in the schedule! In ink! The CEO demands it.
  5. Drink (healthy!) Stay hydrated. Yes, to be a mega star mogul we must keep our wits about us and a quick way to brain fog is failing to fuel our bodies. Drink plenty of clean, pure water; avoid too much vino, eat right for us, get our ticker ticking — not from pressing deadlines — but from exercise and do something meditative. Hint! Gardening, laundry, dishes, yoga and yeah, even meditating work wonders.
  6. Support group. (Please help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t pick up the phone!) Gather a group of similarly minded professional women! Once in awhile, a pity party with fellow professionals who “get it” is a good idea. This is where we might break out the wine, and whine.
    • Bonus points if you get out of your comfort zone and get your butt to a mixer or other co-ed function where you might meet new people!
  7. Hug it out! Remember compa$$ion? When we’re feeling ourselves fading out, it’s time for a FUNd raiser. Giving back recharges batteries! How do you think Oprah has all that energy? If there’s simply no time for a full out event, pay it forward with small gestures. Get in the moment, get personal and give back.
  8. Give it up! (Fire the nasty ones.) Whether we need to lose our albatross clients or we need a shake it up on staffing, when we’re water-logged with unnecessary weight it wears us down. Cut the buoy, and make sure to reward the real team lifesavers! (Hint: Cranky ain’t sexy.)
  9. Dole it out. Delegate, delegate, delegate! If someone else can do it better at a lower cost and more efficiently – they’re hired! And avoid micro-managing! Can’t afford an extra person on payroll? Find a trade incentive or offer a bonus based on production. Bam!
  10. Enough’s enough. (Being greedy keeps us needy.) Not all of us need to be as successful as Oprah — there is only one O after all! But we do need to give ourselves permission to pick our own status quo. What do we really need? What do we really want? Both answers are valid. There’s no need to keep up with Oprah’s in our world. Whatever is good for us is good enough!

If you even implement some of these steps you’ll save tons of time. Doooo it. And then get out there and play play play!

xo Anna Jorgensen


Original version written by AJ for www.sheownsit.com.

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