Aysha Nuttall, RAc, Registered Acupuncturist

Aysha Nuttall, RAc, Registered Acupuncturist and owner of Inner Strength Acupuncture and Health. They also have laser acupuncture for kids and those who don’t like needles.

She was diagnosed with IBS in her early 20’s and put on medication that took away my stomach pain, but gave her migraines. She was told she’d have to be on this medication the rest of her life. She wasn’t supposed to drive on the medication, or many other ‘normal’ things. She would come home, take her medication and then lie down for the night. Again, her early 20’s. It sucked.

“I got into acupuncture because of my own health issues,” says Aysha Nuttall, a registered acupuncturist. “My yoga instructor sent me to a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Within three months he had me off my medications. He had me understanding why it was happening so I could be in control of my health. He had me change my diet, and did it all in a very understanding and compassionate way. It just completely changed my life. And I didn’t even believe in acupuncture before I went to see him.”

At the time Aysha was getting her business degree. “I quit and switched over, going to Chinese medical school in Calgary for four years,” she recalls. That was followed by a practicum in Boulder, CO, specializing in acupuncture sports medicine. “A bit of a more western take on the eastern philosophy,” she says.

“I learned we all have the tools; we all have the ability to heal ourselves. You come in and see people like me or a chiropractor or physiotherapist and we just need to give you some tweaks, some advice but really, we all have inside us the mechanism for healing. It can be found all around us. Our emotions are all connected to certain organs.”

Aysha explains that acupuncture is very beneficial for helping alleviate anxiety and depression. “One of the most consistent comments I get when people leave is, ‘Ahhhh. I feel so relaxed. I feel so calm. This is my favourite hour.’.It’s huge for stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression.”

They can also use lasers rather than traditional needles so when kids come in they don’t have to worry about the needles. Some adults also prefer the laser.

Common maladies that can be helped with acupuncture include the common cold and the flu. “It can help with coughs and you can get over it so much faster plus help prevent them from coming back,” says Aysha. “It’s a great thing to boost the immune system before the school year. Or before Christmas when kids always seem to get sick.”



Acupuncture at Inner Strength is covered under extended medical with direct billing for Blue Cross, Green Shield and the others, as well as Veteran Affairs. Visit innerstrengthacupuncture.ca or call 250.941.0961. 


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