Kyle Corey

Geek Tweaks Technology Solutions Inc.

Kyle is a mobile computer technician that travels to your home or business to resolve your technical computer issues. Mac, PC, phones, printers, routers, TVs or any other device that you may be having problems with โ€“ Kyleโ€™s the Geek who can tweak it back to perfection, while explaining it all in plain, geekless English.

Kyle loves hanging out with his fellow Next Wave members, who he says are all likable, honest and approachable.

Favourite weekend activity: Being home!

Favourite book or movie: Anything Arthurian (Skystone, Pendragon Cycle . . . )

What inspires you? Kindness

Biggest pet peeve: ย People not signalling in vehicles

Celebrity Crush: ย Trevor Linden

Ideal referral: Small businesses and home users with computer or technology issues