Over the last few months, My Tech Guys has been victim to a series of Credit Card Fraud in the Comox Valley. Thankfully, they became aware of the scheme before it was completed and managed to catch some of the perpetrators in action ending in one of the conspirators being arrested in their store.

The other “family members” picking up computers paid for with stolen credit cards.

The fraud happened over January – March in both of their stores. The assailants would call their stores and prepay for laptops, sending in a “family member” to pick them up. These people are highly organized and would send agents into the store while keeping spotters in the parking lot. The gentleman who was arrested claimed to be contacted via craigslist and was paid a small fee to just come in and pick it up.

In total My Tech Guys lost 4 laptops with a retail price of around $4,500, and have since changed their processes and are much more aware of the threat of unsecured transactions.

“We do all we can to be customer focused and friendly geeks but this has definitely made us more vigilant,” says Brian Bailey of My Tech Guys. “Please be aware of any suspicious activity in your store, including transactions being made over the phone. These gangs normally come from the mainland and work their way up the island so they may already be gone but we urge you to change your processes too and stop accepting unsecured transactions before it happens to you.”

Please feel free to contact Brian Bailey with any questions at 250.890.1065.

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