Leanne Boyd

This spa day, ditch the “guilt” in guilty pleasure – and starting feeling good about indulging yourself in a little beauty care.

Level 10 Eurospa integrates eco-friendly alternatives and practices into their regular cut, foil, and spray routine. Since 2014, they have held proud certification as a Green Circle Salon, right here in Courtenay. Owner Leanne Boyd says that partnering with Green Circle Salons was a perfect fit as the salon and spa has always been committed to green approaches, including installing LED lighting, low-flow toilets, power-smart washers, and making a habit of recycling as much as possible. “As a Green Circle Salon, we are now able to manage virtually all our waste. At the end of the day, all that’s left is compost.”

The Green Circle Salons program, offers salons across Canada the ways and means to recycle and repurpose foils, colour tubes, plastics, papers, spa waste and chemicals. Some waste products are incinerated and the clean energy created goes directly to BC Hydro.  Others, like the clippings of hair are repurposed as booms and mats to help clean oil spills and all aluminum is recycled.

“All of this is surprisingly easy to do and our clients love to know that they’re contributing to something good when they come visit us,” Leanne says. Level 10 shares the costs of sorting and shipping waste products for repurposement with their clients only paying an eco-fee of $1.50. It’s a small fee that goes a long way. “Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to help reduce our impact on the planet!”

Leanne is thrilled to continue running the salon as an all-around positive business. “We’re all proud here at Level 10 to keep our clients and the planet beautiful.”

For more information on the program or Level 10 Eurospa, drop by the salon at 1025 Cliffe Avenue, call 250.334.0209 or visit www.level10eurospa.com.

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