Kip Keylock, principal of Ocean Estates Development, builder of Kincora Ridge and The Views of Forbidden Plateau, breaks ground on Miracle Beach Estates. The development will feature West Coast themed homes on 5 acre, 2.5 acre and half acre lots. “I know that rural subdivisions are what people are looking for right now,” says Kip. “and they’re going to love this one.”

As discussed last issue in the Gazette, the entire CV to CR corridor is changing. Rural property is a desired commodity and the Saratoga area — half way between Campbell River and the Comox Valley and an approved CVRD growth area — is a prime location.

Kip Keylock, principal of Ocean Estates Developments, has another rural Estate project just off Miracle Beach Rd. (OED are the people who built Kincora Ridge and The Views of Forbidden Plateau.)

Called Miracle Beach Estates, 3 – 5 acres sites are now approved, with 8 – 2.5 acre sites coming on this summer, plus 12 – ½ acre sites slated for the fall. They project a total of just 23 residences on the total 50 acres.

Keylock is excited about the project, saying it has many excellent features going for it. “For one, it’s a short distance to, what I feel, is one of the nicest beaches in the world,” he says. “Such a beautiful location. And the wonderful public Miracle Beach Park literally 2 minutes out the door. It’s located pretty well midway between Comox and Campbell River. Another thing, people we’ve talked to really like this natural feature, I have so many parents wide-eyed saying, ‘You mean the kids can walk to school!?’ as we’re building a pathway that goes right through the subdivision to the K-7 school.”

Which gives an idea of the demographic interested in this type of project. Keylock notes another interesting fact. “By far the majority of interest we’ve had,” he says, “is people saying ‘I just want a small rancher/bungalow type home with a big shop/garage.’ It’s not about the house. It’s the property and amenities. One guy has already shown me his 2400 sq. ft. rancher, nice home, just him and his wife. But he wants about the same size garage/shop.”

The area is zoned for two homes on each 5 acre lot, and each home can have a shop, or ‘secondary accessory building’ in official vernacular. The property is zoned residential, no commercial.

“We take seriously the responsibilities inherent with today’s environment,” says Kip. “We have to look beyond the tomorrows and well into the future for our families and neighbourhoods. We’ll have an entrance feature, the roads will all be paved, we very selectively clear as to which trees we do take out, and we make sure there are drainage gullys between each lots so that no one takes on a neighbours water. It’s why the lots will have underground hydro/water/telus/shaw/fortis gas. It’s such a nice thing to drive up your road and see no electrical, or poles or lines, just trees and nature. It creates a warm community. And more storm proof, too. We want people to love where they live.”

Keylock takes a natural pride in creating an area with unique and out-of-the-ordinary amenities. “We’ve had people who bought our lots thank us as every time a new home goes in it’s the same high quality, which increases everyone’s value. Because we pay particular and detailed attention to the building scheme and design guidelines, it is a win-win for everyone. The fact we actually have a building scheme and guidelines is huge. Everything is clear’” he says. “It’s going to be a great place to live.”

Ocean Estates Developments provide full services from architects, builders and designers. For more information on Miracle Beach Estates call Kip Keylock at 250.218.6363 or email him at for updates and to see the Building & Design Guidelines.

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