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Whether you are selling in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, the reality is you still want to make the most of your hard earned investment. Just like you, buyers also want to know they are getting best value for their dollar. What can you do to put your best foot forward?

  1. Curb Appeal. First impressions are lasting impressions, and you may only have a few moments to capture the buyer’s interest.  Mow the lawn, weed the garden, clean up debris and garbage, prune bushes and spray clean driveways and sidewalks.
  2. Clean the exterior of the home. Dirt, moss and other buildups can give the impression that that house is not well maintained. If you go to a car lot, you expect to drive a clean car even if it is gently used. A house is no different.
  3. Attend to repairs. A leaky roof, doors that don’t close properly, broken railings, missing vinyl siding and inoperable appliances can be simple repairs, or could be indicative of other issues. Either way, a potential buyer wants a feeling of comfort when making an offer on your home.
  4. Remove clutter. It’s hard to see the size of a room if it is buried in shelving, boxes and other excessive items. If the inner pack-rat is simply not ready to let go, rent a storage unit for your extra personal items.
  5. Organize closets and cupboards. This gives the impression your home has adequate storage space.
  6. Sparkle and shine go a long way. From window blinds to ceiling fans, inside doors to baseboards, a good wipe down will go a long way. Always wipe out sinks and polish taps.
  7. Remove bad odors. Dispose of smelly shoes from the indoor entrance, take garbage out, hide the litter box, do not smoke inside spray neutralizer throughout the home.
  8. Repainting? Pick a neutral color that will be an easier sell — not everyone likes lime green or bright orange.
  9. Pets are great, but not at a showing! A buyer who is intimidated by a loose dog in the house may not take the time to fullywalk through your home. If your dog must stay, be sure to have a good secure kennel and clean up all doggie doo from the yard.
  10. Compile a file of house documents including warranty certificates,  permits, receipts and other documents that will educate a potential buyer on the care and attention your home has received during your ownership.

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