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Jeff Mathieson

Tartan Window Cleaning

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Name: Taffy

Nickname: There are many: Fluffy Bum, Taffers, LD (little dog), Eagle Bait, Pumpkin . . .

Breed: Yorkie Pom

Age: She’s been 11 for a couple of years now.

Favourite Activity: Food connoisseur.

Favourite place to sleep: With thy master.

Food of Choice: Overall, not too fussy in any way. Although the Doc has her doing this Jenny Craig routine. Counting the calories.

Snack he/she goes crazy for: Anything CHICKEN!!!!

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: She is not that kind of dog!

Best Halloween Costume: We have tried many things over the years; usually she insists going as  DOG!

Do you take your pet to work? Absolutely! Taffy goes everywhere with us and the truck is well equipped with food, water and blankets. Once the customers spot her she is often invited in for for socializing with their pets, and finding warmth in the shimmering light of the professionally cleaned windows.

Best quality: She is not a roamer, and is anti-leash. Scopes out the property and finds a good place to chill.

Worst quality: Queens have no fault.

Crotch sniffer or face licker? Definitely a face licker, works the nose quite well also if left alone with small kids.

Your favourite pet story: At our last home, we went daily to a dog-friendly coffee shop within a block of our home.  She started going by herself! Gaining access through the propped open door and climbing on to a comfy chair establishing a social life with the patrons and naturally catching some shut eye.

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