Don Linder, AGS Business Systems 

In past columns, we’ve talked about how colour can improve your business. Bright colours do help make your printed materials go pop, but besides that wow factor, adding colour has plenty of other benefits as well.

It can also boost productivity. Printing in colour can enhance employee efficiency by reducing search time and errors by as much as 80 per cent. Colour acts as a guide that can help customers locate the information they need so much more quickly and effectively.

Colours also help with branding. Going full-colour in your printing can be so much more effective in increasing brand recognition.

Think about how you use print. Do you have printed material at your location so waiting customers can read about the value of the additional products/services you provide? If you’re a restaurant, does your takeaway menu have a coupon that gives your customer a special price on an item the next time they come in to eat?

Or maybe you use direct mailouts to advertise. A Canada Post study shows customers are 37% more likely to visit your location when they receive printed material targeted to them.

Printed materials can also really enhance your business in other ways as well. More and more local organizations are taking print material to another level of effectiveness. Organizations as diverse as real estate firms, membership clubs, investment management advisors, churches, and custom builders all use printed materials – such as brochures, magazine or reports – to enhance their relationships with their clients and members.

And all of this would be so much better in colour.

More colour, more options, more style. Increasing the quality of your printed material can cost more – but these costs can be worth it. Research shows that customers are more likely to pay on time, and to pay in full, if critical information is highlighted on an invoice. And think of how going full colour could really drive your sales.

Imagine impressing your customers by quickly printing on demand a customized quality brochure that looks like a slick magazine for them to take home. The more substantial your transaction is with your customer, the more effective these custom brochures will be. And that’s what really counts.

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