If there’s such a thing as a heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) superstar, Trevor Hill is it. Knowledge, experience, professionalism and a loyal following – he’s got it all! So when Lance Petty, owner of Courtenay-based Temprite Climate Solutions, had the opportunity to bring Hill on board, he knew he’d better make it happen.

“Trevor is extremely knowledgeable and well known in the industry locally, so we’re really glad to have him join our company,” says Lance, who welcomed Trevor to his team November 14.

What does it take to lure a “superstar” refrigeration journeyman with a Gas B ticket, 11 years of local experience and a loyal following that borders on groupie status?

“At Temprite they’ve created a great team culture and working environment,” explains Trevor. “Knowing your employer places value on time away from work makes for happy employees – and happy employees mean satisfied customers!”

“Trevor is not only going to help us keep up with demand, but he’ll also help ensure our growing customer base will keep being happy with the level of professional service we provide,” says Lance. “We’re super excited to have him join us!”

For more about Temprite Climate Solutions, visit tempriteclimatesolutions.com.

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