Sandy Triplett is the owner of Boyd’s Funeral Services Ltd. She can be reached at 250.287.2240 or online at

Sandy Triplett, Boyd’s Funeral Services 

The accessibility to the Internet for the average person has resulted in a huge percentage of the population having a virtual presence in social media. 

Many people have several accounts and there are companies that exist solely to keep all of your accounts linked and keep up your presence even if you aren’t technically present.  

Which has inadvertently led to some serious paranormal activity on line.  

When we die, our virtual lives live on. Our deaths are digitally registered, our funeral has been webcast and we can be laid to rest and STILL have enough time to invite our Aunt Edna to play CandyCrush later that evening. 

Understandable that this can be more than a little disconcerting. While it’s one thing to post condolence messages on a dearly departed’s Facebook page in loving memory, it’s quite another to be inboxed by the dead saying that they haven’t heard from you in awhile. 

Ummm, OK. I mean I always assumed my father was in the. Afterlife watching Westerns but when Netflix sends me a pop up that he enjoyed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly recently the hair stands up on the back of my neck a little bit. 

For those who find this distressing , there are services, such as Peacehold Estate Document Services that can erase and remove your online presence. Facebook can adjust your page to be Memorial and effectively curtail your Social Media post mortem participation.   

But what if, like the ancient Egyptians, you are pretty OK with an immortal online existence? You want to keep tweeting from beyond the grave and you believe your snapchat is worthy of repetition. You want your avitar to be World of Warcrafting long after you’ve shucked this mortal coil? There is a company for that. 

But, buyer beware. Many of these so called “legacy manager” sites are pretty fly by night and may not survive your own life expectancy.  

Your best bet is to assign a trusted family member or friend as your legacy manager. Make sure they know how to access your passcodes and accounts should the expected unexpectedly occur.  

And remember, no matter what you do, your online presence will have a life of it’s own. You should always assume that no matter what precautions are in place, that online fraternity keg party you never remembered? Yeah…your grandchildren likely will never forget. 

Sandy Triplett is the owner of Boyd’s Funeral Services Ltd. She can be reached at 250.287.2240 or online at 

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