krisChris Baikie, Business Gazette

Meet Tonie Davis and Kristen Pronick of Westisle Heating and Cooling; the North Island’s dynamic duo of HVAC(R).

Westisle, one of the largest HVAC specialists in the Comox Valley, was fortunate to gain Kristen’s skills after purchasing her successful HVAC business, Axis Heating + Cooling. Kristen is knowledgeable in every facet of the HVAC industry, having been introduced to it by her dad at a young age, and is also an expert in water purification. Kristen is your first point of contact at Westisle.

Tonie manages the Westisle Courtenay office and has been in the HVAC industry for over a decade. Her recipe for Westisle’s success is a simple one; build long-term customer relationships by maintaining long-term employee relationships. “Our customers are very important to us” This model seems to be working. As one customer noted, “If the person at the front desk is that knowledgeable, imagine how much the techs know!”

For more about Westisle Heating & Cooling, call 250.871.6332, visit, or stop by their office at 2459 Cousins Avenue.

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