Chris Baikie, Business Gazette

How do you want to age?

The subject remains taboo for many; after all, who wants to explore their mortality? Unfortunately, failing to plan adequately for your transition into eldercare can be disastrous for both you and your family.

Gerontologist Wendy Johnstone, the founder and operator of Keystone Eldercare Solutions, works with family caregivers, service providers and seniors to prevent such disasters.

“Sometimes people don’t know where to start,” she explains. “The healthcare system is daunting for most, let alone families dealing with a senior transitioning into needing more support or care.” Wendy guides families and seniors through these transitions, producing customized plans for her clients.

“Each family has very specific needs,” she says. “When those needs are not met, it creates stress for everyone involved. Having a roadmap significantly reduces stress.”

If you are over 70, have parents over 70 or are currently dealing with someone in eldercare or transitioning, now is the time to develop an eldercare plan.

Contact Wendy at 250.650.2359 or through www.Keystoneeldercare.com to book a consultation or purchase her workbook “Get Your Eldercare Affairs in Order.”

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