Julie-KeumbehdjianI started a recycle routine at our office. I make sure everyone is recycling as much as we can, then I take it home each week for pick up.

Julie Keumbehdjian




Tyler-IwansonI read my Business Gazette online instead of in print!

Tyler Iwanson, Sun Life



Aaron-milanJust about six months ago my printer ink went dry. I decided at that point that I would not replace it, and have my business operate completely paperless going forward. The switch to paperless was extremely easy (I do work in the digital world after all) and the cost savings that go along with a reduced environmental footprint are a nice bonus.

Aaron Milan, Milan Web Development



Nancy-Gothard_Dec2015_500pAfter watching the film Life Without Plastic, by Denman Islander Taina Uitto, I was inspired to try living without plastic. Taina’s film discusses how plastics leach toxins onto and into our bodies, into the environment and that they never go away, only degrade into smaller pieces that become digested by smaller organisms. But it is very difficult living with no plastics – it is EVERYWHERE! I’m far from living plastic free, but I have switched certain habits to reduce my use of plastic. I’m trying first to not take plastics for granted. Plastic is a miraculous material that has many benefits – it seems a shame to rely so heavily on it for one-time use and immediate disposal. As they discuss in the film, you can start by refusing straws in your drinks. Maybe some restaurants would like to take up the challenge to be plastic straw free?

Nancy Gothard, Environmental Planner, City of Courtenay


Caleb-McIntyre“To reduce our environmental footprint over the spring and summer months, many of us have taken to riding our bikes to work. It’s been a lot of fun, and a bonus is that we show up at work already energized! It works even better than a morning coffee!

Caleb McIntyre, Array Web + Creative 



Brian-KnoxAs many people know, last year I purchased Samson’s Eco Clean. In doing so, we are now a fully eco friendly cleaning supply shop as well as Vacuums – 90% of our machines plastics are from recycled plastic and we have now also switched to Tork paper products, which are environmentally friendly and made from a recycled paper product that is septic-safe.

Brian Knox, Vics Vacs



Andrew Gower HSCamille and I have spent 8 months or so renovating our house. We pursued the following strategies to reduce our footprint: Waste separation –sorting the waste piles the contractors would leave, including going into our rented dumpster, to separate out recyclables and reuseables. Wood waste – we kept all cut-offs, used forms, and lumber removed during the demolition portion of the work, and are using it for various smaller projects.  Steel roof – we spent the extra money on a steel roof instead of asphalt shingles as it will last forever, its silver so it reflects heat, and it allows us to gather rainwater as it provides cleaner runoff.   Rainwater storage – during construction we installed a 1000-gallon concrete tank in our front yard to store rainwater.  Passive solar and ventilation – we designed our house to maximize solar gain in the winter, provide maximum shading in the summer, and to provide passive ventilation with some opening windows placed up really high. Finally, we bought and improved an older, smaller house instead of getting into a new house with all of the resulting new waste production.

Andrew Wedler, Wedler Engineering


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