Two minutes with . . . Dana Hook, Healing Bliss Botanicals

Two minutes with . . . Dana Hook, Healing Bliss Botanicals

Hometown: Courtenay, BC

Nickname: Healing Bliss

Celebrity crush: Captain America

Favourite TV show: Brooklyn 99

All-time greatest movie: The Princess Bride

Favourite chick flick: Bridesmaids

Worst pet peeve: People leaving the tap running

Local business you admire: Eatmore Sprouts

Food you refuse to eat:  hot dogs

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Starting a business with two kids under three years old

Best thing about your job: hearing from people how my products have helped them when nothing else was working

What inspired you to start your business? I wanted to offer 100% natural, chemical-free products to allow people options for healing that would nourish their bodies, bring them relief and cause no harm.

Worst thing a customer has ever said to you: I appreciate all feedback and luckily have never had to deal with nasty attitudes

When you found out life isn’t fair: I believe fair is an opinion. Life isn’t about what happens to us but how we react to what happens to us.

Fears/phobias: nor pursuing my passions due to FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

First job: babysitting

Favourite drink: alkaline water

Who is most overpaid? Not me

Childhood “when I grow up” aspiration: I wanted to be a teacher and a dolphin trainer

Favourite weekend activity: forest walks and spending time with my family

Three people living or dead you’d invite to dinner: Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Andre the Giant

Word that best describes you? Calm