Professional Pets presented by Woofy’s Pet Foods

Professional Pets presented by Woofy’s Pet Foods

Your Name & Company:
Marion Logan   – Invis West Coast Mortgages

About your pet:

Name: Buffie

Nickname: Mommy’s baby girl, & Buff- Dog

Breed: Bichon-  ShisTzu

Age:  8

Favourite Activity: Playing with sticks, carrying sticks home from her walk, Searching for a new toy in daddy’s coat when he comes out of Wal Mart.

Favourite place to sleep: On our bed, either at the foot or between us

Food of Choice: prime rib steak

Snack he/she goes crazy for: Bacon strips, my tea, and Tim Horton’s Ice cap

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: her toys, it’s hard to keep them, she destroys them.

Do you dress them up (alternatively Best Halloween Costume): Auntie Joyce like to dress her up. She was a bumble bee one year.

Do you take your pet to work? Unable to, but she do go in the vehicle with us a lot, provided weather is permitting.  Likes looking for other dogs out walking.

Best quality: very obedient, loves us as much as we love her.

Worst quality: barks at anything that moves, constantly wants her belly rubbed-24-7

Crotch sniffer or face licker? Face licker

Your favourite pet story:
On her walks she likes to find a stick that she can bring home to play with. Sometimes, these sticks are a pretty good size for a medium size dog.  When people drive by, some stop to say “ Such a little dog with a big stick”, or “ that stick is bigger than you”. Most people smile and point at her and her stick.  She definitely brings attention to herself by carrying these home.
She puts smiles on people’s faces.  A smile is good.