Meet Cam Davidson World Financial Group, Campbell River

Meet Cam Davidson World Financial Group, Campbell River

Money management and living within your means are driving factors to financial independence.

Cam Davidson learned this lesson by watching his parents work government jobs during a time of pay freezes and rising interest rates. He also learned it during his time in the military while earning a meager salary and watching some friends manage their finances and others ask those same friends for short-term loans.

“Adding more money to the equation doesn’t solve financial mismanagement, says Cam, who’s now a mutual fund representative with World Financial Group (WFG) in Campbell River. “Some of my friends and co-workers back in the oil fields were purchasing properties and on their way to financial security while others were getting cash advances on their paycheques at exorbitant fees.”

Cam says he entered the field of financial planning to help educate people about how money works and to help them get their money working for them. He does this to help the people he cares most about, his clients, plan for their financial future.

“I joined World Financial Group, one of the largest brokerages in North America, because it allows me the ability to offer all of the services necessary to help my clients achieve their shared common goal, financial security,” he explains. “WFG doesn’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ and works with a broad array of well known providers to allow me to offer individualized custom financial plans for each client.”

World Financial Group also provides most kinds of insurance, including life and disability, which are considered an essential part of any solid financial plan.

“If you find that your money just isn’t going far enough, or that you feel you won’t be able to work long enough to enjoy your retirement, or if your finances are too daunting to tackle on your own, come talk to me sooner rather than later so you can begin working to ensure your financial security.”