Professional Pets with Juli Johns, Freshwater Creative

Professional Pets with Juli Johns, Freshwater Creative

Your name: Juli Johns, Freshwater Creative

About your pet:

Name: Cedar

Nickname: Moose

Breed: German Shephard, Lab X

Age: 8.5

Favourite Activity: Swimming at Comox Lake

Favourite place to sleep: His bed in the living room. His choice would be MY bed.

Food of Choice: Grain free salmon kibbles, veggies and rice

Snack he/she goes crazy for: LIVER!!!

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: His Chuck-it balls that occasionally end up at the bottom of the lake

Do you dress them up (alternatively Best Halloween Costume): Christmas reindeer ears, T-shirts and sunglasses!

Woofy-Logo---CDo you take your pet to work? Yes, since I work from home, he is with me all day

Best quality: Gentle and loving

Worst quality: How he can really pull when he smells something good.

Crotch sniffer or face licker? Face licker

Your favourite pet story:

Cedar is scared of my bike helmet. Every time he sees me put it on, he loses it. He cries at first then breaks into heart wrenching howls, and I can hear him all the way down the road.