Weekend Improv Workshop with Jeff Gladstone

Weekend Improv Workshop with Jeff Gladstone

Learn the basics of Improv or improve your existing skills in this 2 day workshop hosted by Jeff Gladstone. Whether your interest is in stage performance, self-confidence, public speaking and presentations, or simply to have fun, this workshop is for you! Space is limited to provide a more personal workshop experience.

Saturday, February 25th, 1-5pm
Sunday, February 26th, 1-5pm, 6-7pm
Masonic Lodge, Cumberland, BC
2687 Dunsmuir Ave

Contact Information: 604 873 5336

In this two-day improvisation workshop, Jeff Gladstone will cover everything from improv fundamentals to creating memorable and meaningful scenes, and help you recognize and encourage your talents and those of your scene partners.

Saturday, Feb 25th: 1pm – 5pm
Have fun playing with the fundamentals of improv, as developed by Keith Johnstone, with special focus on inspiring your partner and building trust. A high-energy relay through games and exercises to help you find ease with spontaneity, and quickly become an expert at making your fellow improvisor ‘light up’.

Sunday, Feb26th: 1pm – 5pm
Day two will dive deeper into improvisation, exploring techniques used in long-form and formats like The Life Game. Bring more truthfulness to your improv and learn how build richer narratives and more meaningful relationships onstage.

At the end of Day Two, you will be ready to showcase your favourite practices learned throughout the workshop, in a live performance, facilitated and hosted by Jeff.

Jeff Gladstone first learned improv working with Keith Johnstone at the Loose Moose Theatre and University of Calgary. Since relocating to Vancouver, Jeff has been a core member of the Vancouver TheatreSports League, developing and directing various formats, teaching all-levels workshops, and performing on the mainstage. Jeff has developed his own unique teaching style building upon Keith Johnstone’s work, which highlights the unique personalities of each group, and incorporates elements of voice, physical theatre, clown, music, theatre creation, & Buddhist psychology. He has performed with many improv greats including Colin Mochrie, Ryan Styles, Rebecca Northan, and is Co-Producer with Veena Sood of The Life Game for CBC Radio. He is a regular teaching artist with the Improv Comedy Institute at VTSL, and develops improv inspired workshops for Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, and for Vancouver Opera.
Whatever the event, Jeff can create a tailored improvised theatre experience to entertain, enlighten or engage!