Another reason why water restrictions are important

Another reason why water restrictions are important

I seem to write about water and water supply issues a lot. In fact, my very first article for the business gazette was on the subject of water meters, and why universal water metering is so crucial for the economic operation of our water supply system.

Lately, watering restrictions have been in the news again, and many have expressed their opinion that they are unnecessary. However, despite the significant evidence that increased use of water from our supply system can cause shortages, one significant issue is often overlooked.

Our water supply system serves a dual purpose of providing fire protection, in addition to providing potable water to our homes. This is most noticeable by the installation of fire hydrants throughout the community. The hydrants are connected to the water system, and the reservoirs in the system are sized with enough volume to fight significant fires.

However, during the summer months, lawn watering and other non-essential uses can drain the reservoirs at an alarming rate, and reduce the water supply system’s capacity to provide water for firefighting. Water restrictions are designed to not only reduce overall consumption, but to ensure that the reservoirs remain full enough to provide water for firefighting if the worst should happen.

If you value your house and its contents, following watering restrictions is a simple and effective way to help ensure our water supply system’s reservoirs maintain enough water to fight fires.