Professional Pets presented by Woofy’s Pet Foods

Professional Pets presented by Woofy’s Pet Foods

Your Name & Company: Impressions Custom Framing Ltd.

About your pet: male dog

Name:  Merlin

Breed: Great Dane

Age: 10

Favourite Activity: walks & runs on the sea walk and in the woods

Favourite place to sleep: on  his own couch

Food of Choice: anything you feed him!

Snack he/she goes crazy for:  ice cream

Most beloved thing he/she has destroyed: (funniest thing) he & his brother, Duke, destroyed a large bag of flour. There was flour all over the house & over themselves (they were completely covered in white, except for their eyes!).

Do you dress them up (alternatively Best Halloween Costume): – no

Do you take your pet to work? Yes. Merlin is the store greeter, he has his own fan club (some people come  to the store just to visit him), he gets his own Christmas cards, etc.

Best quality: – sense of humour

Worst quality: – same as above

Your favourite pet story: – (see most beloved iterm above)