Two minutes with . . . Tom McAllister, McAllister Advertising

Two minutes with . . . Tom McAllister, McAllister Advertising

Tom helps businesses decide which advertising options are most strategic based on their needs and budget. In most cases there is no fee for this service.

Hometown:  North Vancouver

Nickname: Tom

Celebrity Crush:  Laura Linney

Proudest Moment: Seeing my children born

Most annoying celebrity: Tom Cruise

Favorite TV show:  Longmire

All-time greatest movie: The Longest Day

Favorite chick flick: The Godfather

Worst pet peeve:  People who bullshit as if it’s the truth

Local business you admire:  Chuck’s Trucks (work ethic)

Food you refuse to eat: liver

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Ski down an almost vertical mountain

Best thing about your job: Flexibility and variety

Worst thing a customer ever said to you: he has no budget

When you found out life isn’t fair:  Never thought about it!

Fears/phobias: Claustrophobia

First job: Caddy

Favourite drink: Beer

Who is most overpaid? Many politicians

Childhood “when I grow up” aspiration: Lawyer

Favorite weekend activity:  Golf

Three people living or dead you’d invite to dinner: Harry Truman, Mom & Dad

Word that best describes you: Honest