Tamara Tutt and Amber Baran-Tullet – Ocean Mountain Yoga

Morgan Cross, Business Gazette

For owners Tamara Tutt and Amber Baran-Tullet, yoga is far more than a physical practice. It is a spiritual and calming experience – and oftentimes, an enlightening one too.

“Amber specializes in teaching vinyasa, and I in kundalini. We are both interested in empowering our students through yoga, helping them conquer their fears,” Tamara says.

Tamara and Amber were co-workers at the studio before buying it out nine months ago.

“When I first joined yoga classes, I worked as a legal assistant for a law firm,” Tamara says. She quickly found herself drawn to yoga as a career and lifestyle. “Both times I took a risk – in leaving my job, and in buying Ocean Mountain Yoga – I had to have faith that I had made the right decision. Yoga taught me a lot about trust.”

Tamara stresses that yoga is a unique experience for everyone, but one that is guaranteed to be physically and mentally beneficial to the individual. “People often ask their friends in classes, or yoga instructors, what will yoga do for me? Well, the possibilities are endless. You have to try it to find out.”

For class times and memberships, visit www.oceanmountainyoga.com

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